Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Coast Guard Transitions

It has been quite some time since I last posted and it is mainly because it is hard to fit in the time it takes to do this writing, when most likely no one is reading.

I have been pretty busy in my job and in a few days I will have been in it one year and will earn my CMCRFMC Competency. The first year has flown by and I am still very happy with this job. It is very challenging on a daily basis and there is always something to do. My multitasking skills have improved greatly.

This past week I spent in Cape May. During this time all the Gold Badges (both active and reserve) met where we discussed the transition from the retiring MCPOCG Charles "Skip" Bowen to the new one Mike Leavitt. We had many good discussions about the Vision of our new Commandant, Admiral Papp and of MCPO Leavitt. It was a great time with some very good information being passed.

Admiral Papp also came in and talked to us and I am still impressed with him as I was when I first saw him speak when he was Chief of Staff. I also learned a secret of how he and Admiral Allen stayed on top of everything going on. The secret is Google Alerts and I am going to start setting mine up today. So if your Alerts bring you to my blog Admiral, I say welcome aboard Shipmate and I wish you luck on your tour as our leader. We are at your service.

The week ended with a moving and inspiring Change of Watch Ceremony on the Cape May parade grounds. It was a tremendous pleasure being a part of this momentous event. Good luck MCPOCG Mike Leavitt, I am at your service too.