Friday, July 31, 2015

Long Awaited Class of 2015 Hiker Update

I have been holding off on doing another update until a certain southbounder has started his hike.  That time has come.  

But first:

Slingshot has moved ahead of Clifford and will finish VERY SOON!  Hannah's last update put Andrew on top of White Cap Mountain which is somewhere around 70 miles to Mt Katahdin.  She will be meeting him up there to take custody of The Hairy Missile and be there to celebrate with him afterwards.  His date with the Big K is August 3rd.  Great job Slingshot!

Clifford is not too far behind.  I think he is milking the last of his hike, because "real" life is waiting, but college doesn't start until late in the month, so why hurry.  

Clifford's last update had him improvising a shelter in the wilderness after coming a little short on a 24 mile day attempt.  Not a big deal for an Eagle Scout.  

On Tuesday I got a message from Deb, saying Clifford had left Rangeley, ME.  That left him with about 220 miles left to go.  

Treehugger is still at home.  Her knees have rebelled and she had to come off trail again and do some PT.  She has weened herself off of vitamin I and is planning on coming back to the trail up in Mass where she got off after taking her daughter to college and continuing north.  This trail isn't done with her yet.  There are still so many trees to hug.

Scoops and Iceberg are back on the trail.  They are calling this Phase III.  Phase II was in early July when they were waiting to close on her new house.  They headed to near the WV/VA line and hiked north to PenMar, the PA/MD border.  

So, today, they started Phase III.  They will take about 8 or 9 days, so they are starting at Delaware Water Gap and hope to knock off the state of New Jersey.  

Even though their hike is no longer a Thru, no one cares out there.  Hikers are hikers.  We all smell the same after a few days on the trail.  I can tell the bug has gotten a hold of them, just as it has for me.  The trail is now in their blood and it will Never let go.  

Their plan now is to see her son off to school in Louisiana and get back on the trail for as long as their bodies and money last.  Keep on hiking Scoops and Iceberg.

And Finally...

This is all you need to see about Justin...

Keep on Hiking, Hikers!