Friday, December 24, 2010

Schram's Woods

There are a piece of woods nearby our home. Just 11 acres that was once a part of a large farm. The Schrams came to the area back in the late 1800's I believe. They grew all kinds of things like cantaloupes, flowers and turkeys. When we moved here they were old and had sold most of their land off to make a development. These woods were sold to the school district for some reason that never developed. Now they are just a small piece of pine, oak and hickory woods that have some nice trails that we walk the dog and where I have found a perfect Personal Space (PS).

Today, I headed to the woods with Ginger and made a little fire at the PS. I have a small debris shelter that has an old tent bottom to keep the rain off and lots of sticks and leaves on top.

I made a quick fire and cooked some noodles. I erected my reusable space blanket as a tarp to see how it worked and just hung out for a bit. It was a little cool out, but a very nice day. This is a very cool PS.