Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AT Overnighter

Ginger and I headed to Northern VA and hit the AT for a short hike with an overnight stay near the Sam Moore shelter.  The walk out was beautiful, but this is the roller coaster and some of the hills were extreme.  We took nice breaks at the stream crossings and arrived at the shelter to find a college class and boy scout troop.  I found a nice tent area and set up.  As dinner was finished the expected rain storm arrived and the rain forced us to the tent for a while.  After the storm passed, we hung out by the large fire the scouts had made and talked to the other hikers.

Ginger sleeps scared and kept growling throughout the night.  Around 6 it started sprinkling again so breaking camp and breakfast was hurried.  We hit the trail and headed back to the car.  It rained off and on lightly as we hiked out, but I was more comfortable keeping myself warm by hiking instead of sweating in my rain gear.

We checked out Bear's Den on the way out and headed home.  A great needed AT fix, but it only stirs up more Jonesing for the trail