Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Class of 2015 - Update

Time for another update on our six hikers.

Slingshot has completed his hike.  Congrats Slingshot!  Andrew summited on August 3rd.  He reportedly climbed the Big K in two hours.  Yes, two hours.  Amazing.  It looks like his hike took somewhere around 146 days. Very Impressive.

Although the Hairy Missile couldn't finish the last few miles with SS, he is just as much a Thru Hiker and anyone else.  Great Job you two.  

Andrew is now reintegrating himself with the World again and doing things like windsurfing and preparing paleo meals for Hannah.

Hannah on the board

Clifford was not too far behind and summited on August 11th I think.  162 days.  Also a very impressive time, especially when you look at the things he did like graduate from HS, visit his college and other visits to home.  Great job Sam.

Nice tie, always classy
Since his summit, Sam had moved into his dorm at University of Virginia.  Good luck on your next adventure Sam.

Move in day at UVA

Treehugger did make another attempt to get back on the trail in New England to try to at least get to Mt Katahdin, but her knees rebelled once again and she had to admit that this hike was at an end, for now...  

Kerry had her amazing picture at the Flip Flop Kick Off printed in the Summer AT Journeys magazine, which is pretty cool.  Kerry completed about 700 miles of the AT.  Not too shabby.

Scoops and Iceberg completed their latest sojourn into NJ and NY and are most likely planning their next visit to the AT.  

Scoops enjoys some trail magic
Justin is moving through Maine and appears to be "doin it right".  He somehow finds the time to do things like take a plane ride and go white water rafting, but he continues to move south towards New Hampshire.

The beginning...
His last update shows him at Mt Bigelow.  But in the mean time, there is always time for this.

Livin the life
Keep on hiking Hiker...