Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the Road and Acid Reflux

This week myself and one of my co-RFMCs went to St Louis to talk to all the senior enlisted that were attending a conference. We met with them in a nice conference room and just talked about issues. It was good getting all the silver badges within the C4IT community (ESUs) in one room.

The day before I left, my dear wife said her chest hurt after an intense spin class. My questions were hard for her to answer. Where exactly does it hurt? How bad? What kind of pain is it?

She was a little worried, but assured me I could still travel. After I got there we talked and she was still hurting. I recommended she go to the ER just to get checked out as that is what the on-call Tricare people told her to do. Her sister told her the same thing and she is a paramedic, but she didn't decide to go until our teenager told her to go.

Of course they made her stay the night and most of the next day while they took a bunch of blood and tests and decided that there was nothing wrong with her heart. Their diagnosis was possibly acid reflux. She always says she doesn't know what heartburn is because she has never had it. Maybe that is no longer the case. So now she has some Prilosec OTC to try out.

Next Monday I head out again to CA for the whole week.

It is quite a helpless feeling when something is going on far away and you can't get back quickly enough to lend a hand or "fix it" or whatever.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Man Cave

Lately I have been hearing the term "Man Cave" all over the place. In commercials, on line, it just seems like everyone is using it.

I think I want a Man Cave. It would be a cool place to hang out. I think my dad's MC was his tool room in the basement and the Garage over at the other house. I cool place to hang out.

What is the woman's equivalent to the MC? The "Girl Palace"? IDK.

Anyway, I have been hearing this term so much, it got me thinking about if I had one, what would be in it? I'm still making my mental list, but it would need a comfy chair, a TV and most likely a game console of some sort. Of course a close by frig and probably some type of cooking apparatus. Nothing too fancy. A microwave or a gas grill or both.

Let's see; the decor has to be dark and wood paneling may be involved. A huge bear rug in the middle of the room would have to be included in any MC worth its salt.

Well, there you have it. A Man Cave in the making... Now to get Lisa to agree...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Play Misty for Me

I enjoy the change in seasons. Just as I really like the warm spring breeze after a long winter, I also get into a day with temperatures in the 40s and a steady misty rain falling. It reminds me that the seasons are changing and I like living in a place that has four seasons. Each has its good and bad points, but I enjoy them all.

My Dear Wife would be happy with one season... Warm...

Me, I will take the hot, humid summer day, the windy spring day, the snowy evening with temperatures below freezing and the misty cold autumn day what heralds the approach of winter.

Call me crazy...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lots of Stars in the Room

A bunch of us Master Chiefs went over to the other building and had a "sit down" with one of our Admirals. He is a good guy, who was able to bring us up to speed on a lot of the current issues and listen to our concerns. I think the Commandant picked a good guy for this job. He says he wants to continue to meet with us regularly and even bring in other Flags to pow wow with us.

There were over 50 stars in that room if you counted every collar. It was a good experience.

Frisbee Muscles and Wallyball League

Last night as I was getting ready for the Tuesday night Wallyball league I play on, I noticed my left bicept and deltoids were sore. Thinking about it a bit, I realized throwing little frisbee disks at metal baskets numerous times works muscles that haven't been worked lately. It is a good soreness of course, but only on one arm. Hmmmm.

Last night's games were intense. We played the best team in the league with only three people. We gave them some good games and won one of the three, with the other two within two points. Our second match started out with a long game, but we prevailed in all three games. I was a bit tired after the 6th game and my knees are still talking to me from all the jumping.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Disk Golf

I have found a new obsession, or at least another form of exercise that should be fun.

Disk Golf.

I have been seeing these around here and there during my travels. There is a course at my daughter's college and also one close to our home at a local park.

It is really quite simple. Golfing with a frisbee. You throw, walk, throw again until you can get the disk into the "hole", which is a metal basket with chains hanging to catch the disk and help it find its way into the basket.

The wife and I went out to Sports Authority on Saturday and I picked up a 3 pack. Not too cheap, but not a set of real golf clubs either.

Monday morning I went over to the park alone and tried it out. I ran through the 9 "hole" course using the different disks, just to get a feel for the technique. One disk is supposed to be for driving, another for mid-range and one for putting and approach. I really couldn't tell the difference as I would throw all three from each point and sometimes the "putter" would go the farthest. Maybe it is my skill level.

So I got the hang of it then went through the course again, with just one disk (I choose the putter) and actually scored the game. I pretty much suck, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I couldn't get even one hole at par, but I need something to strive for.

All in all it was pretty fun and I hope to keep at it for a while and hopefully actually get better at it.

As far as workout level, it is pretty minimal, but I was outside and moving from place to place covering ground. I went for a short 3K run after playing, just to finish off some kind of workout.

Time to start this up again

I started this blog when I knew I was going to become the new ET Rating Force Master Chief. I hoped to post about the day to day activities of an RFMC and maybe some other things that are happening in my life as I finish off my career.
I posted throughout my attendance to the CPO Academy training before taking the new job, but then lost the urge to continue as I climbed the steep learning curve of my new job.
Recently, I came across a blog of a Female Marine who calls herself Akinoluna and after reading her blog, I have become inspired to again give this one a go. Her posts were usually interesting and covered all kinds of topics.
I won't be going to Japan, Iraq or Cario, but I hope to post some interesting stuff.

So here we go again. Wish me luck.