Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day Three

1.  Date: 4/25/14
2.  Day 3
3.  Morning temp: 50s
4.  Weather: clear, nice5.  Time start: 0645
6. Time stop and miles: 1220 11.3
7.  End point: Rt 325
8.  Events: backtrack, deer's ass
Log: Up at 0545. Out the shelter after a warm bfast. Thru who came in after 7 last night wasn't stirring. Day felt good and so did I. Didn't see any sign of rain yet. Hike back along ridge seemed fast. I was back at the parking lot just after noon. Saw Big Rags again and talked more about the golden ratio. Headed to Carlisle and then Sheets, then back to the Museum. The rain started as I was taking a shower at the camp. No new miles today, but it was a good hike.

Day one and two were written out on the trail and uploaded when I had wi-fi back at the Museum.  Today's entry is being loaded from text I wrote at the end of the hike.  Here are some more pictures from the hike.  

Day 1 - working on my register signature
Day 1 - A real pink blaze...
Day 2 sunrise

Day 2 - a cool rock split "View of the Day"

Day 2 - a rock in the crock

Day 2 - Rausch Gap Shelter

Day 2 - Last hike for this shoe
Day 3 sunrise

Friday, April 25, 2014

Day Two

1.  Date: 4/24/14
2.  Day 2
3.  Morning temp: high 30s maybe
4.  Weather: breezy, sunny, nice
5.  Time start: 0620
6.  Time stop and miles: 1425 12.9
7.  End point: Rausch Gap shelter
8.  Events: 3 mile climb
Log: The cold seeped into my body by 5. Got up around 0550. Did some jumpingjacks to warm up.  Broke camp fast and headed to the truck.  Ate bfast then headed up Stoney Mt. Long up. Was nice along ridge. Ate lunch at Yellow Springs. Got to shelter early and decided to stay in shelter tonight.
Rausch Gap Shelter

Spring Section Day One

1.  Date: 4/23/14
2.  Day 1
3.  Morning temp: mid 40s
4.  Weather: windy overcast
5.  Time start: 0710
6.  Time stop and miles: 1431 11.8
7.  End point: camp near Rt 325
8.  Events: turkey flush
Log: Up and off to parking lot early. First part of hike was a climb. The rest was a windy ridge walk. Lunch at Peter's Mt shelter. Headed back north to campsite next to trail. Hope the wind dies or I may have to move over to the lee side of the ridge. Good hike good day. May the breeze blow new strength into your being.

Trail Register at Peter's Mountain Shelter