Monday, April 20, 2009

Days 2 & 3 - Class 159 - CPO Academy

Yesterday was so full, that I didn't have time to log. It was a very satisfying day that kept us busy for over 11 hours straight.

Day 2:
We reported to the gym at 0900 for the Personal Wellness Profile routine with weigh-in. Everybody was pretty excited and I'm sure a little apprehensive.

The class was split in two and my group went to get their blood pressure checked. After that was a weigh-in followed by sit-ups, push-ups, sit and reach, waist and hip ratio measurement and then the run. I am very satisfied with all my results and I have set a few goals to shoot for while I am here.

My weight was 186 which was close to my goal weight of 185. I ate a pretty large lunch and dinner to reward myself for my achievement and to not loose too much weigh where Lisa won't recognize me. My sit and reach was 10.5, which I don't think is too good, but is something I want to work on. My sit-ups were 51 and push-ups were 40. I probably could have done more push-ups, but stopped to save some energy for the run.

For the run, my goal was to do an 8 min mile so I was hoping to get in at around 12 minutes. I finished at 11:49 so I am setting my next goal at 11:30.

We had about 11 Chiefs that needed to get taped and unfortunately 3 were sent home. We did get a quick fill in from a local Chief so we are now a class of 70.

After lunch we went to the low ropes area to learn a little about team work, communication and trust and we did some fun exercises that taught us a lot. We worked our way up to a trust fall into our group from a platform in the woods. It was a total rush and very rewarding.

After that the whole class had to get over a 12 or 13 foot wall. We had a blast figuring out how to get the job done and were successful.

After dinner, we met in the empty galley to do a social exercise. It was in the form of a game and was pretty fun. Once again it taught us some valuable lessons.

When it was all done the class was dismissed, but I wasn't quite done. The class officers had a short meeting to discuss the next morning's personnel inspection and some of our duties.

I got back to our room after 2030, finished my reading and hit the sack.

Day 3:
I was up before my alarm and ready for chow at 0600. We went and ate then headed to the gym for our inspection. Everything went fine with only minor gigs here and there.

After the inspection, we spent the day in the classroom. First we got an overview of all the assignments we will be required to do. A little overwhelming, but very doable.

Next, we covered Guest Speaker Protocol and a session about learning with some interesting exercises. It was refreshing to get out of class while it was still light.

I went to chow and will soon be heading to the gym for some lifting. We need to start fasting at 1830 for tomorrow's blood draw where we will have our cholesterol checked.

I will need to do a little reading tonight and tomorrow the fun continues.
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