Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day

For me, every day is Earth Day. I love being out of doors and doing things outdoors. Today we went to Lowes and got a free White Spruce tree sapling to plant. I put it in a pot and we will keep it there this year. Next spring, we will find a place to plant it.

Also, I have been planning on on expanding the small garden a little and today we got some wood and top soil and I got it done. Ginger likes to go back there and bark at the neighbor dogs, but she will adjust fine.

Today started out a little cool and rainy, but it turned rather warm later and turned out to be a rather nice day. Around sunset, Ginger and I headed into the woods and she got to play with her friends for a while. I then came home and made a little fire in the chimera out back. I tried to do a bow drill, but it didn't seem to be cooperating and I just flashed some spark into my nice birds nest with my ferro.
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