Friday, May 11, 2012

Harpers Ferry to Snickers Gap - AT Section Hike (Plan)

My next hike on the amazing Appalachian Trail will take place in a little over a week.  My daughter, Shauni and her boyfriend, Alex will head out with me to Harpers Ferry after dropping a vehicle near Bear's Den on Rt 7 in Virginia.  We will head south on the trail by climbing up to Loudoun Heights at a fairly steep angle.  Once on top of the ridge, will follow it south until we enter the "Roller Coaster".  We will do a few hoops of that before coming down to Route 7 at Snickers Gap and the end of our hike.  The plan is three days of hiking from around 6 to 9 miles each day.  I like keeping the plan fluid.  I created around 6 or 7 scenarios for the hike and we will probably wind up doing some hybrid of a couple of them.  We will hike to our abilities and stay flexible to each situation.  I can't wait!

I am getting excited once again.  Every time I step onto that amazing foot path and see the first white blaze, my heart speeds up and a smile draws itself across my face.  I love being on that path, with everything I need on my back and nothing but time to kill and miles to go.

Keep calling me AT.  I will be back on you, doing the miles before too long...

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