Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Luckily, for us, the storm was a non issue. Our power flickered once and it messed up my On Demand watching of the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire, but I just had to wait until the box updated itself and then I continued watching.

Our back yard looks like a pond with a creek running through it, and the pool cover collapsed into the pool, but I was able to fix the extra accumulation of water on the hot tub cover by shoring the cover up with poles, brooms and rakes.

The girl's schools have been closed the last two days and the Federal Government has also been shut down, so no work for me.  Not complaining, but I actually contemplated driving down to the office today just for something to do.  I quickly came to my senses and will just monitor my phone for emails during the day.

The wind was pretty strong throughout the day yesterday, but it didn't knock all the leaves off the maple and river birch, nor did it blow all the leaves off my lawn thus saving me any raking.  The rain was constant yesterday and pretty heavy at times.  Ginger and I still enjoyed two quick walks into the woods though, but we hurried back each time after the business was done. 

This bucket was empty yesterday...

So, I think we live in a good area of Pasadena.  Our power lines are underground and we rarely have long outages when the storms blow through.  The creek in the yard will eventually drain into the nearby settlement pond and life will go on. 

Thoughts go out to those more negatively affected.  Hopefully everyone was prepared.

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