Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snowmegedon, Schmomegedon

Since I have retired from the Coast Guard and no longer have to do the commute slog into DC during the week, large snow storms don't affect me like they used to.  

I don't really care how many inches have fallen or when the plows will finally find their way down our little street.  I just go out and shovel our little path from the front door to the sidewalk, ensuring the mailbox is accessible for our mail lady.  I slowly work my way to clearing out our vehicles so we can get into the snow filled road when needed.  

Saturday morning.  Ginger is wondering when I'm gonna get started on clearing her a path.
We still had plenty of snow falling at this time.  
I got some pretty good workouts shoveling and re-shoveling that small area as the snow fell and the inches added up.  I made some pretty big piles along the way and even had some fun with the (at the time) light, cold snow.  

When the plows finally did find our street, I was ready to clear their leavings as they pushed the bulk of the street snow down to the end of the lane.  It was all fun and stress free.

I did my part.  Your turn plows...
Of course, others in the house still have to venture out into the world and ply their trade, so I have to help make that happen as I can.  Also, my fur baby and fur grand baby need adequate access to the ground outside to do their business, so I had to do that for them.  My first attempt of an easy path to the grass out front wasn't good enough, so I had to shovel the whole deck down to the back yard before they could properly pop a squat.  

One way the storm changed our routine, was to keep us out of the woods for a few days.  We did our walks along the unplowed, but lightly traveled streets of the neighborhood until yesterday.  After a bit of higher temps and some melting, Ginger and I tested out the woods for a quick walk.  I had to post hole for most of it, but it was doable and later in the day, all three of us headed into the woods for some off leash fun.  

Finally back into the woods.
It feels good to be able to get back into the woods.  I definitely need a daily dose of those woods, even if they are small and surrounded by the Pasadena suburbia.  

So bring it Mother Nature.  Just don't keep us out of your woods for too long.
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