Saturday, November 19, 2016

Preparation Work and Purchases


While my Subaru sits in the shop with a leaking transmission, our preparation plans continue.  That current repair may dig into our gear purchasing fund, but we only have a couple of things to buy to make our kit complete.  Truth be told, we could hit the trail today with what we have and be OK, but these last purchases can cut more weight while making us a bit more comfortable.  All we really need besides a few consumables are some quilts (both top and under) and maybe some new hammocks.  These items will cost somewhere over $1000 for the both of us.  

That's tranny fluid all under the truck
Something I had been thinking about was the best way to check our packs when we fly down to Atlanta.  I don't want to just throw the pack as is, with its hanging stuff onto the luggage rack at the counter.  I want to lessen the chance of losing things or having them messed with.  I found a nice duffle bag made specifically for that purpose at REI and purchased two of them.  They arrived yesterday and I threw all my gear into one to see if it fits.  Not only does it all fit (including trekking poles and crocks), but there is still room to spare.  Now, it looks pretty huge, so I don't want to fill it to the brim and risk being charged for oversized luggage, but these should work nicely.  One thing I really like about them is they collapse into their own zippered pocket that is pretty small.  We will mail them back home once we get to Georgia.  

From this, to this.
I also pre-ordered two copies of AWOL's A.T. Guide.  (one for us and one for home base).  They have a nice early bird deal going and having two copies will help with coordination with Brandi "Home Base".  I also plan on getting a pdf copy for my phone when they are available.  

I have started to make some inquiries down in Georgia as I plan our arrival and transportation to the trail.  We plan to fly into Atlanta and take the MARTA train up to the northern terminus where we will be shuttled to either a Hostel, Amicalola Falls or Springer.  The planning continues. We will also need to pick up some fuel and any last items that we are missing before starting the hike as you can't pack canisters filled with a highly flammable gas.  We have some tentative plans to get some help from a friend down in Georgia, but those plans are still in their infancy and are still very nebulous.  When they firm up, I will talk about them.

The preparations continues and will most likely do so until we head to the airport.  As of today we have 158 days until we hit the trail, but who's counting.  

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