Monday, March 6, 2017

The Time Between Now and Then

This is a hard time to endure.  The time between being ready to go and being able to go.  Our packs are waiting ready.  Our gear is pretty much set.  We tick off each day as it passes and watch others start their own journey.  It's hard seeing them head out and not being out there with them.

Mama Bear (Ginger) after her first surgery.  Now she needs her ACL worked on

As usual, obstacles keep throwing themselves in front of us.  The tentacles are already reaching for us, even before we hit the trail.  Dog surgeries, dental work, mysterious bloody noses.  Each of these, and more, keep jumping up in front of us.  We have learned that each obstacle can be overcome by going around, over or through, so we handle each as it comes up and continue to hope that all will fall into place before we head to Georgia and start our Quest.

Dog walking with my pack

I try to wear my full pack whenever I can.  Most of my neighbors have gotten used to me walking through the neighborhood wearing my pack.  On our way to the woods where we walk the flat, sandy trails.  Some ask me what is up, others just stare and wonder.  

At least once a week, LoGear and I try to get out to the only place around here that has decent elevation changes, Patapsco State Park.  We can do a couple different loops from a couple of miles to somewhere near ten.  Mama Bear gets pretty excited when she sees us getting our packs ready.  It is going to be hard on her (and us) when we do it in late April and leave her behind with Home Base (Brandi).  

Taking a packs off break in Patapsco State Park

I'm itching to get out there.  Even if it is just an overnight.  The weird spring like weather has messed my mind up even more.  It feels like it is time to go, but there are still miles of things to do before we hike.  The obstacles keep us at home.

Until it is our time, and all (or most) of the obstacles have been handled or mitigated, we will continue to watch the videos and read the journals of those who are out there now, hiking their hike. The time between now and then continues, until it is our turn to add our feet to the trail and our voice to the song that is the Quest of Pamola.  

EarthTone and LoGear

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