Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Damn Meddling Kids

Damn Meddling Kids! Once again as Ginger and I did our evening walk I was passing the PS, I wasn't even going to do my usual walk through camp to check on things and something didn't look right. I took the path back and sure enough my latest project, a wikkiup, was knocked to the ground. It is never a big deal, but it still pisses me off. This time the asshole cut the paracord scraps I had used to tie the three poles together. Someone has a new toy. I also noticed that they had cut the duct tape cord I had made and used on the debris shelter. They also cut the small piece of rope that one kid had left as a peace offering that was tied in a square knot.

One day I will be hanging out there when the douche bag comes by and he will get a little Angry Old Man payback.

No biggie, self-reliance goes on.
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