Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Quick Update

Just a quick update:

Lisa is the only survivor to the P90X Club.  She continues her workouts, while Shauni and I have moved on to other things.  Like snacking and playing PS3.  But my next workout/weightloss push is going to start Sept 1 and I still have been playing the wallyball and doing some FitDeck workouts. 

I have been dying to try out Lisa's new Hennesey Hammock and this weekend I will head to the Rt 70 overpass and hike south to most likely Rocky Run Shelter.  I stayed there on the first night of my first Section Hike and it is a nice place.  Good water and lots of trees to hang from.   I'm going to try out a little reflector pad I made and use  a fleece liner and woovie as my bedding.  My pack should be a bit lighter on this quick overnighter.  I always pack like I'm going longer, as a training technique, but with the lighter bedding I may get under 30 lbs.  We shall see.

The trail is calling...
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