Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Vacation Part 1

It is weird.  I have been so focused on backpacking for so long that it feels strange that I am doing something else. But I am in Cape May right now and having a great time getting into the beach mode. Of course I had to make a fire out back tonight, but I am having a good time. 

I made another fire out back on Sunday night while the rest of them played pictionary. There was a storm to the north. All you could see was the lightning flashing in the clouds with no sound of the thunder. It looked like some of the old gods were having a battle in the sky. It was cool. 

On Monday Lisa and I put the kayak into the harbor and paddled up the canal. It was around a five mile round trip and was nice.   The tide was pretty low when we put in and we had to walk way out to get launched. The breeze was in our faces the whole way out, but that gave us a nice push on the way back. 

Tuesday and Wednesday are sort of a blur.  I think we played Munchkins one night and of course the eating and drinking continued at a decent pace.  Oh, also Wednesday was July 4th, so we had burgers and dogs on the grill and everyone but me and Bill went to the fireworks down on the beach.  They hadn't done them at the Cape May beach for quite some time, so it was nice that they were close.  I dropped everyone off and they walked back after the show.  I stayed behind to confort Ginger if she became frightened, but she didn't even hear them.  I kept checking to see if they were going and caught a little of the finish, but it was right at the level of the houses and trees. 

Thursday we went to the Wildwood boardwalk.  It was hot and stifling, but we hung out at a place that served beer and found a new brand that we never had that was quite tastie, called Leinenkugel. 

We headed home on Friday around 5 pm and had no trouble with traffic.  It was a good week. 

Next is Conneaut in early August.
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