Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year

This December we found ourselves, as usual, in Pittsburgh for my sister's annual New Year's Eve Party.  The day before we got to go see the Steelers finish out their season with a win. 

When we got the tickets last summer we were concerned that the game may be meaningless if we had already clinched a playoff berth or our division, but we didn't think that we would already be eliminated by them.  No matter.  The starters still played and we had a great time tailgating with family and enjoying the game, not caring on the outcome.  A will still felt good though.

New Year's Eve started a bit early.  We went to the State Store and got some things to drink and I had a couple of shots of ginger brandy (medicinal ya know).  Next we went to visit a guy from our childhood and that led to a couple more beers. 

By the time the ball dropped, I was pretty wasted.  I don't remember the details of half the conversations I had.  The highlights still stand out.  Playing with Jeremy's "band".  I just faked it pretty much, but it was fun.  Watching my crazy family do a polar bear plunge into Mike's truck bed.  Too funny.  

Annual tradition. We take pictures of each other taking a picture

Felt the effects somewhat the next day and we had to head back home.  I did get up early and went out to the snowy cemetery and visited my Mother's grave.

I had fun, but I wish I remembered more.

Happy New Year

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