Friday, December 28, 2012

On Target

Quite a few months ago, my youngest, Brandi, said she wanted to go to a shooting range and shoot a handgun.  I pretty much committed right then and there.  I want my girls to not be afraid of guns.  To be able to competently and safely handle and shoot them and to be good at it. 

So, finally we both had some time to head over to the local indoor shooting range and a lot of other people had the same idea.

We stood in line and signed up for a range position, filled out our little form and handed over our driver licenses.  It wasn't too long before our names were called.  We asked for a 22 auto, but there were none available.  I oped for the 380.  (I think it was a Ruger, but IDK), and we headed to our shooting position.

We had a good time shooting 50 rounds into a target at 25 feet. 

Both of us enjoyed ourselves immensely for about fifty bucks and I really can't wait until the next time she wants to go.

Here is our target...   She needs to steady herself some, but she did pretty good.  I need to bring my groups up a bit.  (my targets are the three lower ones)

It was a pretty fun time.

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