Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Nice Cold Hike

I know I have other things to write about, but I get behind.  I just wanted to post a quick entry on my short day hike yesterday.  I was out hoping to run into a flip-flop Thru Hiker that I have been following since the Spring.  Didn't find her, but the hike was perfect.

The first part of this hike was part of what Lisa and I did in early June this year.  We had started at Boiling Springs and the Shelter was 12 miles into our hike and we were ready to stop for the day.  The hike up the blue blaze seemed long that day.  On this hike, with my light pack and only 1/2 of a mile done, it was quite easy.  I did work up a sweat as I hiked a mile further down the trail, tracking the whole thing with my GPS and taking a picture or two.

Tagg Run Shelter

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