Monday, April 20, 2015

AT Class of 2015 - Quick Update

From my latest gleaning of Facebook and Trail Journals, here is an update on the Super Six.

Clifford:  Left Damascus April 15th and hiked for a few days with George Jones,one of the Scout Masters who went to Philmont with Clifford.  

Entering VA
Sling Shot:  Made it to Damascus on April 18th.  Only about three days behind Clifford for now.  

Watauga Lake
Treehugger:  Temporarily off the trail with a knee issue.  Diagnosed as patellofemoral pain syndrome.  Resting and PT'ing the knee and still plans on being in Harpers Ferry for the Flip Flop Kick Off on May 2nd.  Hopefully back on the trail fully after that.  

Crabtree Falls Campground
Scoops and Iceberg:  Exited Georgia a couple days ago after 11 days of hiking.  Doing good with spirits high.  

Leaving Georgia
Justin:  Most likely chomping at the bit in anticipation.  Here is his April 11th Facebook entry.  "3 months from now I will be either in or about to enter the 100 Mile wilderness in Maine!  July 7 or 8th when I summit Katahdin can not come soon enough!  That's just the beginning..."


Keep on Hiking, Hikers!


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