Sunday, April 5, 2015

Opening Day at the Museum

As I headed up the highway, then the secondary road, then the PA Country road, the flakes swirled past my windshield in their quest to find a resting place. March 28th, Spring has sprung. Opening day at the AT Museum and snow was still in the air.

My temperature gauge said 26 degrees as I pulled into the parking spot at the Museum. I grabbed my gear and quickly went inside. The first order of business was to conduct an orientation session for some of the returning Docents. We had 13 experienced greeters huddling around the electric heaters as I went through the processes of greeting our visitors, pointed out some new functions and gave some training on our Credit Card program.

Before long it was time to open and our first visitor entered the Museum just after noon. She was a Hiker from 2000 by the name of Princess and we awarded her a Halfway patch for being our first "official" visitor of the season. As the day went by, we had more and more visitors who came into the museum to get out of the biting wind, including a large group of Boy Scout Section Hikers and our first Thru Hiker of the season. Close to 40 people came through the museum on our opening day. Not too bad, considering the weather.

Normitz/Dragons Breath (the Thru Hiker) actually hiked by the day before and backtracked to come to the opening day. He brought an artifact to donate. To some, it would just look like a rusted diamond shaped piece of metal with bullet holes in it, but to us, at the museum, it is one of the original blazes that were used to mark the trail. He had found it barely hanging on a tree along the trail in Virginia and had thought to bring it to us.

As our first day finished, the temperature still was below freezing, but it had been a good day to be at the museum.

Tomorrow, would be another day.

Photo credit:Carol Bungay

Reviewing the alarm system
This is how we do it
Docents occupy the Hiker's Lounge during the orientation
Keeping "warm" by the heater
Organized Boy Scout troop
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