Friday, June 19, 2015

Class of 2015 - Update

It's that time again.

Sling Shot is now the leader of the pack.  Each is doing their own thing and (I hope) enjoying their hike.  This isn't a race and I'm happy to see that each of the hikers are taking the time (and the zeros) to visit with the special people in their life.  

Clifford:  Just moved into New York.  A thunder storm took out his phone a while back, so his updates became sporadic for a while.  

Five more states to enter
Sling Shot:  Is in Kent, CT.  He had his last visit with Hannah last weekend and is now just putting the miles under his feet.  Aramis is still having fun too. 

Tired Dog or Dog Tired
Treehugger: Has gotten as far as Stormville, NY, but was off trail at last check to attend her daughters High School Graduation and to get her knee checked for progress.  Her Merry Band of Flip Floppers is starting to fracture as all groups will do on the trail.  Some got off, others have things to attend to and others hike on.  It is all part of the experience.  

Scoops and Iceberg:  Still off trail.  Life continues to keep them in Delaware, but they still have hopes and plans to return to the trail.  Here is our exchange on Iceberg's facebook page when I inquired about their plans:

Me: So, How are things going with the house?  Is the trail still calling?

Iceberg: Well Joe, that's a loaded question. The trail is definitely still calling but at this point I'm wondering if its time to give up hope to thru. The house is still not finished but is getting closer to the point where we could leave and finish later with (most) basic services in working order for my kids living there. A cortisone shot to my shoulder last week helped a lot, but not completely (although it did wonders for my knees which were STILL barking) so I have an MRI scheduled for this week. Then, a few days ago Scoops dropped a chunk of concrete on his foot which is now bruised and tender. I am beginning to wonder if all these obstacles are being placed for a reason because OMG enough already! Sadly we've lost most of our trail conditioning so physically we'll be starting from scratch again. But I'm still hopeful we can get back ... but the question remains WHEN?

MeThanks for the update. There are many ways to hike the trail. A Thru is NOT the only way to hike the trail.  If you can, get out for a month or so or even a few weeks. The trail will always be here. Take care and keep on dreaming of getting back to the trail.

Justin:  This will be the last picture of Justin on this site of him not hiking.  His start day approaches.  Justin was able to attend Clifford's graduation late last month.  Soon he will be hiking.  
Clifford and Justin

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