Saturday, May 23, 2015

Class of 2015 - Another Quick Update

Now that I finally finished my write up of my hike, it is time to see where my AT Hikers are along the trail.

Cifford - Has left Harpers Ferry.  He was #205 NoBo according to his picture.  Being near his home these last couple of weeks has offered some good magic, including taking some hikers home for food, etc.

VA is done.
Sling Shot - SS's last update had him near Front Royal.  He rented a car and surprised his girl Hannah at work.  Also taking advantage of being close to home for now.

Somewhere in the Shennies
Treehugger - TH is moving through PA.  Her last update put her near Port Clinton.  Her daughter, Grasshopper, is hiking with her for a while.  

Treehugger's Flip Flop Bubble @ Pine Grove Furnace
I had to take this pic about 10 times with everyone's phone/camera
Scoops and Ice Berg - Still taking care of "real world" business in Delaware.

At the FFKO
L-R, Justin, Treehugger, Scoops, Ice Berg
Justin - Is practicing putting up his tent.  Now try it in the rain, while being soaking wet and cold.  July will be here soon.  :)

I thought it so cool, that we were able to bring four of the six together at the FFKO.  The other two were busy hiking.  

Keep on Hiking, Hikers!

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