Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Annual Tradition

Today we headed out to Tridelphia Reservoir where there is a Christmas tree farm that we have been finding our tree for quite a few years now.  It was actually very pleasant out there, with temperatures in the 60s.

We crossed the road and headed up the hillside and before log we found a nice Douglas Fir.  We cut it down and headed back to the main sales area.

We always get a few hot dogs and when it is cold, some hot chocolate.  Ginger seems to have a great time.

Driving home I always had to check my shadow to the side to make sure we didn't lose the tree like we did one time when we first moved to the area.  Now I have a special purpose rooftop tree monitor window.

On the way home the tradition continues that we have to turn the radio to the all Christmas carol station and we watch Shauni work herself up into her Holiday mood.  It has always been a pretty good time.

The tree needed a little shortening once we got it home, but it smells great and looks pretty good.

I started the morning off with putting up the outside lights and tomorrow I will put the lights on the tree.  The rest of the decorating is up to the girls.

It's sometimes hard for me to work myself up into the Christmas mood, but I usually get there after a while.  With my mother passing around this time last year, it will now be a melancholy time for me I'm betting.

The final product.

Happy Yule
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