Friday, December 7, 2012

Washington Monument Day Hike

Note: I started this entry back on Aug 26th as a place holder for a nice little day hike that Lisa, Ginger and I went on along the AT.  I was checking my post list and saw it and thought I better write it up before it fades much more than it has.

On August 24th Lisa, Ginger and I headed down Rt 70 to the AT Trail head where the trail crosses the highway.  It is a quick and pleasant hour and ten minute drive to the parking lot and the closes point for me to reach my obsession.  We had small packs with water, lunch and rain gear.

The day was rather pleasant.  Not too hot with a mostly overcast sky and a threat of rain later in the day.  We headed down the blue blazed trail towards the AT and started our hike.  We quickly crossed Rt 70 and headed through a small neighborhood.

The trail soon headed up into the woods and climbed up the ridge.  This is a really pleasant hike.  About 3 miles to the Washington Monument (our basic destination for the day) and is easy for children and pets to do.  We saw a few other hikers as we traveled along and had short chats or hellos with each.  

Before too long we reached the monument and took a few pictures.  It was still pretty nice, but you could see the clouds building from the south.  We ate a snack and walked down to the parking lot and refilled our water at a convenient pump near the trail.  

This is a view from in front of the monument.  It looks towards the NW towards Hagerstown and into PA.  

As we hiked back, the sky grew dark and before long we were in the middle of a down pour.  We tried to keep pushing to get to the car but as the chill of this late summer rain storm started working its way into my bones I stopped and dug out my poncho and urged Lisa to do the same.  Ginger just looked at us in her sopping coat and continued on.  It wasn't very long before we were back to the car.  We peeled off our wet shirts and dried Ginger as best we could with a towel we had.  She enjoyed a nice nap as we headed home after a nice hike on the Appalachian Trail; my obsession...

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