Monday, April 8, 2013

Trail Names

I've mentioned it before, but it is time to think about trail names.  I have used Jefe on the trail since I started seriously section hiking the AT.  It works, but wasn't born on the trail.  I have run quite a few new names through my mind and I think I am going to try on Earth Tone for a while.  All my hiking clothes and most of my gear fall within the earth tone chip chart.  I like wearing the colors of the planet and don't like wearing bright pastel colored clothes.  One exception is my O2 rain jacket, but yellow was the only color it came in. 

Lisa is trying on Lo Gear (or Low Gear) I don't know how she wants to spell it.  She likes to slow down and take her time when we go down hill, so she shifts it into low and gets to the bottom, no problem.

 We will see how they fit, but I'm liking them.  They are fresh and new and neither one seems to have been used much lately. 

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