Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where are the class of 13?

Time for another update.  This is the last update before we hit the trail ourselves.  We will see where everyone is after we finish our section hike.

Trail Name Start Date Last Entry Location Total Miles Days since Start
PrayerWalker 14-Feb-13 12-May-13 Roan Mt. TN 405.7 87
Blues Man 16-Feb-13 13-May-13 Delaware Water Gap 1289 86
Rash 17-Feb-13 15-May-13 Blackburn Hostel 1006.5 87
Groundpounder 18-Feb-13 13-May-13 Gravel Spring Hut Shelter 953 84
Boo Boo 21-Feb-13 14-May-13 Campbell Shelter 716.2 82
punkin pie 1-Mar-13 15-May-13 Bears Den Hostel 998.65 75
HotDog 6-Mar-13 15-May-13 Daleville area 652.5 70
Karma 7-Mar-13 15-May-13 Jenny Knob Shelter 599 69
Lady Grey 8-Mar-13 14-May-13 Pinefield Hut 891.2 67
50/50 15-Mar-13 13-May-13 Chestnut Shelter 593.7 59
Brown Squirrel 17-Mar-13 9-May-13 Mountain Harbour Hostel 355.4 53
Jacko 21-Mar-13 6-May-13 Creek Junction Rd 481.3 46
Odat 25-Mar-13 15-May-13 Va 608 Campsite 602 51
Mother Goose 28-Mar-13 4-May-13 Erwin, TN 342 37
Acorn 30-Mar-13 14-May-13 A.R.E. Camp 500 45

PrayerWalker is maybe done.  I can't tell anymore.

Boo Boo is off and on with shin problems.

Rash jumped ahead to hike with friends.

HotDog is having a dilemma of whether or not she wants to keep hiking.

Blues Man if trucking along.

Groundpounder falls off the radar every once and a while, but comes back with a bunch of updates when he hits a town.

It is cool to see the different way each hiker updates and how often they update.

I am following others, but they are all displaying the same amount of progress and hardship as they make their way to Katahdin.

In a few days, my bride and I will be among them.

We will see you on the trail...
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