Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Class of 13

Even though my feet aren't on the trail, I still follow those whose feet are still hiking.

AT Map with tabs for each hiker I follow

Trail Name Start Date Last Entry Location Total Miles Avg/Day
Blues Man 16-Feb-13 4-Jul-13 Monson, ME 2070.7 15.0
Rash 17-Feb-13 6-Jul-13 Cooper Lodge Shelter 1690.9 12.2
Groundpounder 18-Feb-13 7-Jul-13 Guyot Shelter 1831 13.2
Boo Boo 21-Feb-13 8-Jul-13 Bear Mountain Bridge 1399.4 10.2
punkin pie 1-Mar-13 5-Jul-13 Mount Washington, NH 1787.2 14.2
HotDog 6-Mar-13 26-Jun-13 501 Shelter, PA 1189.3 10.6
Apple Butter 8-Mar-13 9-Jul-13 New York 1367 11.1
Karma 7-Mar-13 29-Jun-13 Harpers Ferry 1018.3 8.9
Lady Grey 8-Mar-13 9-Jul-13 Andover, ME 1939.1 15.8
50/50 15-Mar-13 17-Jun-13 Front Royal 964.6 10.3
Jacko 21-Mar-13 2-Jul-13 Delaware Water Gap 1289.1 12.5
Odat 25-Mar-13 31-May-13 Buena Vista, VA 823.5 12.3
Acorn 30-Mar-13 3-Jul-13 Harpers Ferry 1019 10.7

Blues Man continues to be the frontrunner of those I follow.  He is in the wilderness, the last 115 miles of the trail.  He should be done soon, if not already.

Right behind him is Lady Grey.  I passed her twice in PA when Lisa and I were hiking up there.  She is also getting close to the end.

Groundpounder and punkin pie continue to put up good miles and should be done soon.

Rash is still having fun and is in VT.

Boo Boo is also plugging away up in New York somewhere.  

Karma got to Harpers Ferry and decided to Flip/Flop.  She went home to Philly for a few days and is heading up to Katahdin now.  She will be SOBO from here with no time constraints to summit before the mountain closes for the winter.

ODAT and 50/50 are off trail and done.  ODAT got what he came for and 50/50 had an achilles injury.

HotDog is also done.  It had been in the cards for awhile.  It just took her some time to realize it.  She also got all she needed out of her hike.  I will miss her awesome blog.  She was hiking with Apple Butter, so I have added her to my list and continue to follow her.  She just entered New York and is still going good, even though she really didn't like PA and dissed my home state as she left it.  :)

A also keep track of the rest of Shanty Town (Clever Girl, Dump Truck, Whistle and Grim).  They are near the end of PA I think.  

Acorn is out there somewhere.  She went back to Chicago for two weeks to empty her apartment, but continued on around the fourth of July.  She is most likely in PA now.  

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