Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Disk Golf

I have found a new obsession, or at least another form of exercise that should be fun.

Disk Golf.

I have been seeing these around here and there during my travels. There is a course at my daughter's college and also one close to our home at a local park.

It is really quite simple. Golfing with a frisbee. You throw, walk, throw again until you can get the disk into the "hole", which is a metal basket with chains hanging to catch the disk and help it find its way into the basket.

The wife and I went out to Sports Authority on Saturday and I picked up a 3 pack. Not too cheap, but not a set of real golf clubs either.

Monday morning I went over to the park alone and tried it out. I ran through the 9 "hole" course using the different disks, just to get a feel for the technique. One disk is supposed to be for driving, another for mid-range and one for putting and approach. I really couldn't tell the difference as I would throw all three from each point and sometimes the "putter" would go the farthest. Maybe it is my skill level.

So I got the hang of it then went through the course again, with just one disk (I choose the putter) and actually scored the game. I pretty much suck, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I couldn't get even one hole at par, but I need something to strive for.

All in all it was pretty fun and I hope to keep at it for a while and hopefully actually get better at it.

As far as workout level, it is pretty minimal, but I was outside and moving from place to place covering ground. I went for a short 3K run after playing, just to finish off some kind of workout.
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