Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the Road and Acid Reflux

This week myself and one of my co-RFMCs went to St Louis to talk to all the senior enlisted that were attending a conference. We met with them in a nice conference room and just talked about issues. It was good getting all the silver badges within the C4IT community (ESUs) in one room.

The day before I left, my dear wife said her chest hurt after an intense spin class. My questions were hard for her to answer. Where exactly does it hurt? How bad? What kind of pain is it?

She was a little worried, but assured me I could still travel. After I got there we talked and she was still hurting. I recommended she go to the ER just to get checked out as that is what the on-call Tricare people told her to do. Her sister told her the same thing and she is a paramedic, but she didn't decide to go until our teenager told her to go.

Of course they made her stay the night and most of the next day while they took a bunch of blood and tests and decided that there was nothing wrong with her heart. Their diagnosis was possibly acid reflux. She always says she doesn't know what heartburn is because she has never had it. Maybe that is no longer the case. So now she has some Prilosec OTC to try out.

Next Monday I head out again to CA for the whole week.

It is quite a helpless feeling when something is going on far away and you can't get back quickly enough to lend a hand or "fix it" or whatever.
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