Monday, February 27, 2012

A New Obsession

I found something else to obsess about for a while at least.

Her name is Felicia Day.

I was playing around with Netflix the other day and noticed a video in my queue that I didn't remember putting there, but after checking it out, I was probably the one who put it there.

The name of the series is The Guild. It is about a group of on line gamers and their day-to-day interactions with each other the MMORPG that controls their life. I started watching it as a goof on Thursday and finished the fifth and last season (they are short on-line installments that were all put together into about 1 hour "seasons") last night. I'm hoping for a sixth season and my web searches have shown that I have seen this girl Felicia Day before. She has guested on lots of the shows I have watched and is just a great personality.

I see my daughter Brandi in her so much. She is a gamer chick, web savvy and just plain cute.

She has a lot of talent, but it is mostly centered on the geek world. And everyone knows I'm a total geek. I ordered a "prequel" comic book, ur I mean grafic novel that she wrote today too.

Along with this latest obsession I downloaded a free trail on an on-line game called Guild Wars because she mentioned Guild Wars 2 on her twitter account and I think does a voice in that version. I'm also gonna try WOW for a free trial and I even fired up my daughter's Skyrim PS3 game yesterday to see if I like it.

I usually get tired of playing games after a while, so this probably won't last too long, but I found myself researching (read googling) computer headsets today. Last night I started some sausages cooking for dinner and forgot about them as I tried a mission in the game. The house filled with smoke, and I mean FILLED with smoke. Luckily my 21 year old noticed before the smoke alarm went off. We had to use a fan to desmoke the house. I laugh...

So I must be more attentive to my RL surroundings.

Having fun, finding distractions, moving on...
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