Sunday, February 17, 2013

Packing it all up

Today I gathered all my gear together and sorted it out.  I took a bunch of pictures and weighed most of it and then I stuffed it all into my pack and weighed that.  Put the whole thing on and then looked at myself in the mirror for a second.  I really want to get on to the trail so bad.

The total thing with about 4 days food and 50 some oz of water came in at 33 lbs.  It felt pretty good.  If I can start the trail at 33 lbs, I will be happy.  I'm not a gram weenie, but lighter is always better.  Since I'm a "big" guy, I'm no where near 25% of my fatness. 

This is the cold weather bag.  Long johns, Under Armor Shirt, fleece hat and Wool-rich gloves

Here is how it looks all in its bag...

Next is the Electronics bag.  I keep other things in there, but this is where I keep the phone, iPod, chargers and their cables and my hat lamp and some batteries.

 Here are my rain gear.  A jacket to mostly rear around camp when I'm doing things and a poncho which can also help protect the pack a little.  I just flip it up over it. 

 All rolled up.

Here is my Big Agnes Fish Hawk 30 degree bad and a Thermarest pad that fits into a pocket in the bag's bottom.  I am really liking this bag.

 My Big Four.  Pack, Shelter, Sleeping bag and Pad.  Usually the most weighty of your gear. 

 This first picture is without the Super Shelter pad.
 And with the pad...

Some things that go in different places in the pack
Part of a drum liner, a pack towel, a Anti Gravity Gear pillow and ear plugs.

 Aqua Mira, TP - aka Mountain Money, AWOL's Guide pages, 
Compass, fire starter, lighter, mini multi-tool and hand sanitizer. 

 My clothes bag will have a fleece, LS shirt, a pair of shorts, the legs for my other convertible shorts, 2 pairs of wool socks, a pair of underwear and a bandana. 

 Here it is all packed up in its Sea to Summit bag.  

 The kitchen will be simple.  I use a Cat Alcohol stove.  One pot, cup Spork, knife, a Cozie, 
Funnel for pre-filtering dirty water, a wind screen, a cut off margarine 
container for a bowl, some spices and a scrub pad.

 Hygiene Kit.  The usual... Dr Bronners soap, tooth paste and brush, contact & glasses stuff and a mirror.  
Bandana redundancy..

 I gathered a bunch of food I had laying around to simulate about 4 days of meals.  I'm not sure it that would exactly cover it, but I have a menu already planned and this was close weight wise. 

 Food in its double bagging.  I use a scent proof ziplock bag, so we may not have to hang every night.  Water is a 32 oz Gaterade bottle and I think a 20 or so oz Nalgene. 

 This is a bunch of miscelanious stuff.  First aid kit, a 1L platypus container, a space blanket, ace bandage and compact towels.  Also the all important chafing medications. 

 Camp shoes.
Last but not least, some sunscreen and sun glasses.

33lbs was better than I was expecting, and not too bad for me.

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