Wednesday, February 27, 2013

13 of 13 Update

PrayerWalker started the trail on the 14th of February, but only hiked for two days.  She started at Neels Gap as she had hiked the approach trail and up to Neels late last year.  The two days she hiked (a little over 21 miles) were cold.  It is February after all and even though she is in the southern state of Georgia, up in the mountains, winter still presides.  A bad weather report brought her off the trail.  She lives in GA so getting off the trail and home wasn't a big deal.  She plans to return to the trail soon.  I'm not sure on how much she will be able to update her journals while on the trail, but for now, she remains one of my Thirteen.

Bazinga is starting his hike today (the 27th).  His last update had him at the Lodge in Amicalola Falls State Park.  Hopefully he will be updating his journal regularily.  That is his intention at least.

Next to start is Inchworm from PA.  Her plan is to start on the 1st of March. 

Hike on Class of 13...

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