Tuesday, March 5, 2013

REI Candy Factory

Last Saturday, Lisa and I headed to REI to pick up some liner socks.  We spent about an hour looking at all the cool gear and discussing different things.  After finding my socks we headed over by the sleeping bag area and found a nice Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 degree bag for Lisa.  It was on clearance.  It usually goes for about $235 or so and was listed at $135.  It was the last one left and on display.  All the down had migrated down to the head of the bag, but after a little fluffing, it was back where it belonged. 

This bag is like my BA Fish Hawk as it needs a pad for the bottom insulation, but being a right side zip, it will mate with the Fish Hawk if we want to do some dual sleeping, just like I remember doing back in the early 90’s before our first daughter was born.  It seemed plenty warm and very roomy and I think she will like it better than the cheapo 40 degree bag she was planning on taking on our hike.  It even weighs less than the other bag and should keep my cold sleeping bride much warmer than would have been possible with the other bag.

Since we spent over $100 we got a $20 coupon that we have to spend between March 6 and 18th.  Looks like I will be headed back to REI this weekend. 

The liner socks I bought seem rather nice.  They are thin, but made of merino wool.  I’m thinking of getting another pair and they will be my hiking socks, with a thicker pair for in camp as the third pair. 

In other gear news, I ordered us some O2 rain jackets.  They are very light, wind proof and breathable.  They should be arriving this Friday.  Also, I ordered Lisa her own Aqua Mira to carry herself, just in case we are separated during the day and she needs to treat water.  I like to keep each of us self contained and separate.  Since we use hammocks, we don’t have to break up tenting gear to spread the weight.  Also our kitchens are simple and separate with each of us carrying our own Cat stove and fuel. 

My mind is occupied all day long with this upcoming hike.  Even though it is just a section hike, it feels like a thru to me and will be the longest hike we have taken yet.  Baby steps…

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