Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another 13 of 13 Update

Here is a quick update of the Thru Hikers I am following this year.  Happily for me, most of them are prolific updaters to their journals.  Some better than others, but I have plenty of reading each day.

It is really fun to follow along with these hikers and hear about the ups and downs and all the adventures and pains they are experiencing.  Some do very well updating their on-line journals, even though they are out there in the bush.

Here is an update of 14 hikers.  Some don't update much if at all and will probably fall off my list.  But if I see them down the trail, I will add them back on. Trail Name-Start Date-Last update and progress.

PrayerWalker 14-Feb-13  3/10-still off trail
Blues Man 16-Feb-13  3/6-Newfound Gap-Gatlinburg-206.8
Rash 17-Feb-13  3/9-Spence Field Shelter-182.5
Groundpounder 18-Feb-13  3/7-Fontana Dam Shelter-165.8
Boo Boo 21-Feb-13  3/7 - Wayah Bald Parking Lot -119.5
Bush Whacker 21-Feb-13  3/7-Franklin-Winding Stair-109.8
Bazinga 27-Feb-13  3/9-NOC-137.3
Inchworm 1-Mar-13  Nothing
Sole Sister 1-Mar-13  3/1-Starting, nothing since
punkin pie 1-Mar-13  3/6-Muskrat Creek Shelter?-81.4
Female Sasquatch 6-Mar-13  3/9-Lance Creek-24.3
Karma 7-Mar-13  3/9-Gooch Mt Shelter-15.8
Hiking Home 7-Mar-13  3/7-Big Stamp Gap-1
Infinity 8-Mar-13  3/9-Gooch Mt Shelter-15.8

Hike on Class of 13.

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