Friday, March 29, 2013

Class of 2013 Update

The trail giveith and the trail taketh away.

Here is a status update of the hikers I am following this year.  A couple got off trail, some for good, others to heal.  I removed a couple who don't journal much and added some new starters and two Warrior Hikers.

Keep on hiking hikers.

Trail Name Start Date Last Entry Location Total Miles Days since Start
PrayerWalker 14-Feb-13 27-Mar-13 Home 150.7 41
Blues Man 16-Feb-13 27-Mar-13 Damascus 468.3 39
Rash 17-Feb-13 28-Mar-13 Erwin, TN 343.4 39
Groundpounder 18-Feb-13 25-Mar-13 Erwin, TN 340 35
Boo Boo 21-Feb-13 25-Mar-13 Hot Springs, NC 282.7 32
Bazinga 27-Feb-13 26-Mar-13 Hughes Gap 371.3 27
HotDog 6-Mar-13 28-Mar-13 Derrick Knob Shelter 188.8 22
Karma 7-Mar-13 28-Mar-13 Cody's Gap 156 21
Hiking Home 7-Mar-13 23-Mar-13 Newfound Gap/Home 206.8 16
Infinity 8-Mar-13 24-Mar-13 Past Tellico Gap/Not sure 129.3 16
Lady Grey 8-Mar-13 28-Mar-13 Newfound Gap/Gatlinburg 206.2 20
50/50 15-Mar-13 27-Mar-13 Franklin, NC 95.3 12
Brown Squirrel 17-Mar-13 25-Mar-13 Dicks Creek Gap/Hiawassee 68 8
Jacko 21-Mar-13 24-Mar-13 Neels Gap/Blairsville 31.7 3
Odat 25-Mar-13 28-Mar-13 Low Gap Shelter 43.3 3
Mother Goose 28-Mar-13

PrayerWalker is back home again with a hurt leg.  Still plans on returning
Bazinga has left the trail and has done all he needed to. 
Hiking Home had to get off for a while due to the weather and an old frost bite injury that had to be protected.
Infinity is done.  Her knees done her in. 

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