Friday, March 8, 2013

The Trilemma of Logging Your Trip

Not a Dilemma, but making the choice of three possibilities instead of two.

I keep a Blog. at I can use my phone to post and it seems to work fine up to the publishing point. I need to do more tests, but when I tried to publish from work without a wifi connection... Fail...

Next, I have been reporting all my section hikes, here on Trail Journals. This seems to work with just a data connection (more tests in the bush needed), but I have to use the browser, need to log on and it can be a bit clunky. My TJ link is

I have recently been trying out This is most likely going to be my "in the field" journal posting method. I found an app called PCTHYOH which makes posting an entry using my email program very easy. If I don't have a connection, it will save the email in my outbox until I do. It can transfer a large amount of information like GPS coordinates which pull up a map, start and stop points, miles traveled, elevation changes, hours hiked, temperatures and even SPOT information if I had one of those. The real test will be when I'm actually out on the trail hiking to see how it works. My personal link is

Regardless of which one I use, I will be taking notes on paper and most likely typing notes into my phone's notepad program and I will triple post to each site when I am home or at a computer somewhere.

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